Technical Bulletins

Merck Animal Health offers the following technical bulletins to provide scientific background on topics related to PCV2.

PCV2 Pathogenesis

When reading PCV2 vaccine label claims, it is important to understand which parts of the PCV2 disease process the vaccine is targeting.

Learn more about how PCV2 disease progresses in the pig in the Understanding PCV2 Pathogenesis Technical Bulletin.
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Comparative Analysis
of PCV2 Vaccines

Before selecting any product, it is helpful to become familiar with the pathogenesis - or how the disease develops - of PCV2 disease. Consider herd health history, labor and management requirements, and PCV2 and co-infection challenges; then consult with the herd's veterinarian to compare PCV2 vaccine labels.

Development of an effective PCV2 vaccine involves numerous steps that are critical to determine the right formulation.

Learn more in the Comparative Analysis of PCV2 Vaccines Technical Bulletin.
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